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Established in August 2001, Kangdexin Composite Material Co., Ltd. (KDX) has been listed on the SME board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It is an employee-owned international enterprise group, which boasts three major business segments (i.e., new materials, 3D intelligent display and new energy electric vehicles), four business groups (i.e., laminating materials, photoelectric materials, 3D intelligent display and application system), six production bases and 23 subsidiaries, and is one of the most representative industry platforms in China.

KDX is among the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Beijing, an enterprise technology center of Beijing, and one of the 100 innovative enterprises in Zhongguancun Demonstration Park. Its products are listed in the Chinese High-tech Products Export Catalogue by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Kangde Film is a famous trademark in Beijing. KDX was listed by Forbes as one of "China's Most Potential Companies", one of the "Top 10 Most Growable Companies Listed on the SEM Board of China" in 2012, and one of the "Top 50 Most Valuable Companies Listed on the SME Board of China" in 2012 and 2014. In 2013, the company was awarded the "Best Management Team on the Reputation List of Chinese Listed Companies". The window film produced by KDX won the title of "Emerging Brand in Auto Supplies Industry 2014". KDX is the only Asian member of the seven members of the International Window Film Association (IWFA).

The company's new materials segment is composed of two business groups - laminating materials and photoelectric materials, with presence in other fields like flexible materials and carbon fiber composite materials.

As a world leader in laminating film industry, the company has a cross-regional laminating materials business group that covers the whole industrial chain, including substrate, laminating film and laminating machines. It can provide customers with a full range of green lamination solutions. Its laminating film products have been sold to more than 80 countries, thus making "KDX" a well-known international brand.

As a leading optical film player and the only one with a whole industrial chain and high concentration around the world, KDX owns a 574-mu optical film industrial cluster, 240,000-square-meter plants and 200 sets of advanced foreign equipment. There are ten departments and a complete set of core technologies from optical design, ultra-precision mold processing, optical film manufacturing to special materials development. All departments not only work with one another, but also directly supply products to the market. Vertical integration and scale advantage have sharpened the competitiveness of the company's optical film products, which are widely used in display, decoration, car & building insulation, 3D intelligent display, etc. KDX has supplied products in large quantities to more than 200 first-tier and second-tier brands both at home and abroad, and become a main optical film supplier in the world.

3D intelligent display is an extension and expansion of optical film industry chain. Through independent R&D and cooperation with Philip, KDX can provide users with a full range of intelligent HD naked-eye 3D solutions, and is the only one that enjoys naked-eye 3D industry chain production capacity around the world. In 3D content creation, distribution and display links, KDX focuses on rendering multiple terminals with Internet 3D content and 3D application services. With a complete package of 3D technical solutions, it aims to build an eco-chain integrating 3D content creation, production, aggregation and application, so as to become a world-leading 3D content operation platform. It is now building an Internet-based 3D intelligent display eco-chain, and will cooperate with the downstream equipment manufacturers in an effort to promote the high-performance naked-eye 3D products to the world market, to lead the global visual revolution and to create a better life for mankind.

KDX has established the Kangdexin European Carbon Fiber Composite Materials Research Center in partnership with Technical University of Munich, set up the Car Lightweight Design Center in a joint venture with Reading in Germany, and entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Automotive. Relying on its technological and industrial advantages in high-performance carbon fiber composite materials, display optical film, 3D display and 3D Internet content platform, smart touch and specialty film materials (e.g., automotive decorative film and insulation film), the company has introduced the business segment of new energy electric vehicles to meet the needs of producing lightweight, intelligent, network-based and personalized new energy electric vehicles.

Under the background of global change, KDX will take industry clustering, intelligence and Internet+ as the key innovation points and build the industrial chain and eco-chain as the twin-engines for its further growth. Based on new materials, 3D intelligent display and new energy electric vehicles, it will construct a new pattern of business development.

Following the concept of striving for excellence and the guideline of "new materials, whole industrial chain, and grand eco-chain", KDX will, with new materials as the core, continue to make breakthroughs, expand the diversified and multi-format business system and build a closed-loop eco-chain. It will move toward the strategic development goal of "building a world-class eco-platform based on advanced polymer materials", and become an explorer, a practitioner and a witness of the Chinese dream.


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