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Huangshan Orient Crystal Optics Co.,Ltd.is a listed company East Crystal Electronic(002199) established a wholly-owned subsidiary in March,2011.The company is located in Jiulong low carbon park, Tunxi district of Huangshan city,covers an area of 140,000 square meters, building area of 100,000 square meters. The company is committed to product development, design, and production of energy-efficient LED crystal products and materials.The main products  include single crystal, rods,wafer,wafer series of sapphire and new material of LED.Further more,the annual capacity of the sapphire nod can get to 7.5million millimeters as well as the high efficiency and energy saving fluorescent bulbs can get to 1million.

Sapphire has high strength,high melting point,high hardness,high permeability,friction resistance,strong corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation,also a stable physical and chemical performance. Therefore ,it has been widely used in the fields of military,

aerospace,biology,analysis,semiconductor chip and even the aspects of High speed information processing, electronic   photonic device miniaturization and intelligent.

With the technical guarantee of the provincial“expert and academician workstation”,“post doctoral workstation”,”R & D”technology platform and the creative team led by the members of National Thousand-person Scheme(1)and Provincial Thousand-person Scheme(3),to provide customers first-class services and quality sapphire productions such as crystal rod(2 inches,4 inches,6 inches),substrate wafer of LED, various of disphragm and so on.

   Adhering to the “Creativity as a guide,quality as a guarantee,low-cost as superiority,customers’satisfaction as a guarantee, low-cost as superiority,customers’satisfaction as a goal”core concept,the company can become a trusted excellent partner of customers by sincere corporation and win-win situation. 

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