180 days away from the opening of the exhibition

Hosts: China Communications Industry Association,

Taiwan Electronics Equipment Industry Association

3D Curved Glass Branch of China Communications Industry Association

Supporters: Liquid Crystal Branch of China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association

Communications & Manufacturing Association of India (CMCA)

Organizers: Shenzhen Zhongxincai Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. 

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Why Exhibiting? 

Touch China 2020 will be opened on July 2-4,2020 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center,as the Top 1brand exhibition in the Chinese touch industry, covering an exhibition area of55,000 square meters andcontaining 2300 booths.The show will attract 36,000visitors. Undoubtedly Touch China 2020 will be the focus of the industry.Ifexhibit or participate inanyconcurrent events tonegotiate withyourtarget customers face-to-face,you willbeattended byimportant figures and clients in the touch industryand gaina rare opportunityin the following aspects:

l High qualityvisitors

The organizers cooperate with anumber of industry associations and governmental departmentstoissue notice to the relevant purchasing departments: 500,000 mails and100,000 tickets to be sent topractitioners by more than 20 media;30,000 guests to be invited fromvarious sectorsand governmental procurement centers

l Comprehensive news coverage

News releaseofexhibitor product beforeand afterthe show; exhibitors and product information to be released tothe pre-registered visitors via e-tickets,Wechat, e-mail;

l High-end resource sharing

Meetingwith over 1000 important guests attending the opening ceremony / dinner / forum /purchasingseminar; gainingcustomer resources such ashonored guests.

l Businessmatching

We will search outmatched buyersforexhibitors,email information in advance to exhibitors foradvance reservation for matching.

l Authoritative forum

 We will invite experts and scholars fromtheindustry, business representatives to bring you the latest market trends and the most cutting-edge touch technology;

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