180 days away from the opening of the exhibition

Hosts: China Communications Industry Association,

Taiwan Electronics Equipment Industry Association

3D Curved Glass Branch of China Communications Industry Association

Supporters: Liquid Crystal Branch of China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association

Communications & Manufacturing Association of India (CMCA)

Organizers: Shenzhen Zhongxincai Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. 

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Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

How to get there?

Convention Centre North - Convention Center

Subway Line No. 1,4,

Bus 50,56,64,80,109,, 211,235,371,374,375, K578, Airport 9

Convention Center East - Fuhua three junctions

3,15,33,34,50,60,64,221,235,371,374, K113, peak line ④

Convention Centre East

 34, K113

South Convention Center - Huanggang Village North


South Convention Center

 229,337,338,369,382, J1

Convention Centre West - Masuda Middle


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