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Hosts: China Communications Industry Association,

Taiwan Electronics Equipment Industry Association

3D Curved Glass Branch of China Communications Industry Association

Supporters: Liquid Crystal Branch of China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association

Communications & Manufacturing Association of India (CMCA)

Organizers: Shenzhen Zhongxincai Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. 

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Touch China 2017The10th International Touch screen Technology & Equipment (Shenzhen) Exhibition

3D Curved Glass Manufacture (Shell Curved Forming) Technology & Application Exhibition

June 22-24, 2017, Hall 2/3/4/6, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (SZCEC)

Touch technology isincreasingly demanded in many segment markets, such assmart car, smartwearable, smart home, smart education, smart health care and other consumer electronics and industrialtouch segments, in addition to mobile phones and tablet PCs,therebynew touch display materials will lead developmenttrendofthe industry,and also promote updates of equipment and production technology.

The10th International TouchScreen Technology & Equipment (Shenzhen) Exhibition (Touch China 2017) aims tocreate theglobal high-end forum and exhibitionfortouch business,incontinuous cooperation withpartners from China,Japan, South Koreaand Taiwan, covering an exhibition area of 45,000 square meters; the organizersestablish in-depth cooperation with more than 30 trade associations, more than 50 media at home and abroad.They have invited VIPs from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe and the United States in the global flat panel industry. Touch China 2017 will focus onapplication of new technology trends, terminal utilization, application ofconcept innovative products and innovative technology. Touch China 2017 will showcase moreforcetouchproducts, flexible materials and processing technology, smartmesh printing technology, smart automation equipment, high-definition touch display and modular processing technology, large-sized touch screen products, wearable touch technology, fingerprint identification, sapphire materials and process equipment.


China Communications Industry Association (CCIA)

GuangdongTouch andApplication Industry Association

Taiwan Display Industry Federation (TDUA)

TaiwanElectronics EquipmentIndustryAssociation (TEEIA)

Metal Industries Research& Development Center ((MIRDC)

India Communications Manufacturers Association (CMCA)


ShenzhenZhongruiExhibition Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen zhongxincaiExhibition Co., Ltd.


Concurrent Events:

Force Touch Industry SummitofTouch China 2016 .TheSecond InternationalSummitand ExhibitionWorkshop of Biometric Fingerprint Identification.TheFourth Global Smart Touch IndustrySummitofTouch China 2016 (Smart Touch +SapphireApplications)

The8th International TouchScreen Technology & Equipment (Shenzhen) Exhibition (Touch China 2016) wasgrandly openedon June 23-25, 2016, inShenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.The exhibition covered an areaof30,000 square meters, and lasted forthree days.The event displayedapplication of new smart touch technologies,showed more flexible materials and processing technology, high-definition 4K display technology, large-sized touch screen display, wearable touch technology, fingerprint identification, sapphire and industrial chain materials&equipment. Many technical forums wereconcurrently held.Touch China 2016 gatheredtotal 365 domestic and foreign exhibitors.They presentednew technology andnewprocess there andattracted 3,2813 professionalvisitors athome and abroad, fromEurope, America, Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan,conducting businesses relating tosmart terminal automotive electronics, smart city, advertising, security, education, real estate, smart home, sapphire, fingerprint recognition, cameras, industrial automation and other fields.Theapplication of new trend of smart electronic terminal creatednew market opportunitiesfor theequipment supply chain. Touch China 2016built themost professional platform for exchange and promotion ofsmart touch industry.


Highlights in previoussession:

VIPPurchaser Dinner of Touch China 2016 and theThirdAward Ceremony of theMost Influential EnterprisesinGlobal Touch Screen Industry attracted a large number of senior officials;Yang Jianwen, president ofByrne, the world's largest optical partner of iphone and iwatch cover, as well asmany partners participated in the VIP Dinner. Yang toasted to the event thatthe glass cover and the touch screen would be hugely potential, and allpractitioners from the industry chain were expected to develop in anorderly andsound manneralthough they were facingan increasingly competitive environment, thus would promote theChinese products inthe international market and hit a newrecord.In the dinner, the organizers also invited 495 senior representatives ofindustry chain enterprises and exhibitors, includingJDI, BOE, Huawei, TCL Mobile, Intel, Cool, TPK, O-film,Holitech, CSG, Tianma, Huaxing, Leybold,Top-touch,Foxconn, Yushun Electronics, Skyworth, Elan Electronics, ECW EELY,Goodix, Duntai, MStar, BYD, Uniscope, De Pute, Junda Photoelectricandother touch and smart terminal manufacturers.

Visiting buyers inTouch China:

Buyersfrom smart phones, tablet PCs, smart wearable, automotive electronics and othersegments: Apple, Intel, Samsung, Microsoft, LG, Panasonic, Huawei, ZTE,MIUI, Lenovo, Yulong Coolpad, TCL, OPPO, Vivo Meizu, 360, Konka, Longcheer, Huaqin, Wingtech,Simcom, Foxconn, Flextronics, BYD, Tongfang Group, Desai Group,KAIFA, ZOWEE, etc;

Touch screen and display module buyers:

Sharp, JDI, BOE, Tianma, AUO, IVO, TPK, O Film, Truly, Bern, ShantouUltrasound, Lexile, WuhuChangxin,Holitech,Huayi, S-Light Optoelectronics,Lianchuang,Eachopto, Leybold Tech,TXD,COE, TCLDisplay,Lide,Xianchuang, SkyworthDisplay and Top-touch;

Why Exhibiting? 

Touch China 2017 will be opened on June 22-24,2017 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center,as the Top 1brand exhibition in the Chinese touch industry, covering an exhibition area of45,000 square meters andcontaining 2300 booths.The show will attract 48,000visitors. Undoubtedly Touch China 2017 will be the focus of the industry.Ifexhibit or participate inanyconcurrent events tonegotiate withyourtarget customers face-to

-face,you willbeattended byimportant figures and clients in the touch industryand gaina rare opportunityin the following aspects:


l High qualityvisitors

The organizers cooperate with anumber of industry associations and governmental departmentstoissue notice to the relevant purchasing departments: 500,000 mails and100,000 tickets to be sent topractitioners by more than 20 media;30,000 guests to be invited fromvarious sectorsand governmental procurement centers

l Comprehensive news coverage

 News releaseofexhibitor product beforeand afterthe show; exhibitors and product information to be released tothe pre-registered visitors via e-tickets,Wechat, e-mail;

l High-end resource sharing

 Meetingwith over 1000 important guests attending the opening ceremony / dinner / forum /purchasingseminar; gainingcustomer resources such ashonored guests.


l Businessmatching

   We will search outmatched buyersforexhibitors,email information in advance to exhibitors foradvance reservation for matching.

l Authoritative forum

   We will invite experts and scholars fromtheindustry, business representatives to bring you the latest market trends and the most cutting-edge touch technology;

For moreinformation on Touch China 2017 please feel free to contact in thefollowing manner

Tel: + 86-755-23041715

Mobile:18676665683   (WeChat)

Business QQ:194337787

Contact:Wu shasha    


Website: www.touchchinaexpo.com

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